What if users earn via SOLID Infrastructure

Kingsley Izundu
5 min readMar 19, 2019


SOLID- Social Linked Data, is a project that is led by Tim Bernee Lee who invented the World Wide Web.The project aims to radically change the way Web applications work today, resulting in true data ownership as well as improved privacy. People say its the new internet.

Welcome Solid

If you did not read my publication about Tim Bernee Lee’s commission for us all to get into the linked world- do so from here.

SOLID as conceptualized by Tim Bernee Lee and his team, is the new principle that should be adopted by app builders so that their app which is structured in such a way as to generate data from their users, makes it possible for the users to have utmost power of that data. Today, SOLID is getting a wider view and people seem to be loving the idea that they as users will have utmost power over their data, choose whom to share it with and what to do with it.

Lets get deep now

I will try not to bring in hyped terminologies, like decentralization, encryption, block chain, artificial intelligence etcetera. My business here is to lay out my thoughts about SOLID.

The WWW concept is/was a very good one, not a mistake at all. Today it has helped built a lot of applications, solved a lot of problem and moved every documents, operations and socialization online. Infact, I chat more with my neighbour online than i do in the real world- lets say the WWW has created two worlds; the Citizen world and the Netizen world.

As the operations, documents and socialization continued, it got to a point that we became concerned, our data which is kept by us online, generated by apps because we where online and so on; is being centralized by some very few and this is becoming their power — our data is enriching them while posing to provide us service.

The fact is that we are happy that we are being served through the apps, sensors and so on over the internet- however, we seem not to have control over our data.

What if SOLID was going to turn things right side up?

Yes, I mean right side up because it were never upside down; it will just be a little step forward.

Here are some benefits SOLID promises and looks forward to actualizing

  1. You have access to your data and where to store it
  2. You decide which app or individual should read or write to your data

SOLID works with Personal Online Data technology where you create your own POD which will be more like your USB for the web and it belongs to you, you can plug in to any application built on SOLID to access the application and use it; hence no more login with X or Y to access an application.

All data about you that is generated when you are signed up into an application built via SOLID belongs to you; supposing an application developer built an app in a wearable device say a wrist watch via the SOLID principle, then you wear the wrist watch and sign in via your POD, the app developer might have designed the infrastructure to generate some data i.e heart beat, pulse rate etc.,during your workout, your rest time, when you eating and so on. Now these data about you belongs to you. The app developer though have built this platform but he doesn’t control your data.

The decision to pull your data away from the app is just an easy one and up to you, the decision to take that data to an individual or allow another app to read or write to your data is up to you, the decision to just throw all those data into the trash is up to you.

I think SOLID will empower users of technology more than builders of technology, actually they say customers are the boss.

What if we rethink on earning with our data?

Now, the app developer will some how have it in his business model to provide these data about those who is using his wrist watch, maybe he plans on analyzing the data and making it accessible to third party or company that needs it so as to know what service and how to provide service to the users who wears that watch. Could he? of course not. SOLID strict policy is on empowering users over their data, therefore even if a company needs to access all the data of users wearing the wrist watch, they would have to first consent the app developer, who will in turn consent the users, and the users will decide weather to make their data accessible, what part of the data to make accessible to the developer who in turn will analyse the data for any commercial purpose.

Now the earning comes up; It has always been that app developers are standing on the ad model to generate Income, they make money and become a company, while harvesting and analyzing the data they were generated through the users who have walked through the structure surrounding their app. Today, I believe SOLID can make it possible for users to want to return to apps, in fact use them often as long as they decide what to do with their data.

Users can begin selling their data at some commission based on the range provided by the developer who needs his data for any analyses; the more data generated by letting users work through some stages around an app, the more they are potential earners.

Data becoming your wealth

Think of a questionnaire a company prepared and gives it out to about 1000 persons and tells them that they want to provide adequate service for their satisfaction. These 1000 persons spend their time around the structure of the questions, providing answers to it and later the company gathers these 1000 questionnaire, analyse the 1000 users data; personal data and begin to provide service to a wider number representing those 1000. Now SOLID is saying that you should have power over that data and you should decide whether to let the company have it or other company have it or an app should use it, write on it and so on. This is quite interesting.

The app builder will have to consent to you or maybe pay you to let him have access to your data. well what will the app builder gain in turn, he charges the third party company as well.

The point I think is to empower users financially as well — cos through them walking the structure around your app have generated massive data point which you build upon to serve them app, while you the app developer have gained massively as the company whose ad is served pays you.

So I am thinking that SOLID will help create a system that will let users want to use apps built via the SOLID principle; knowing that it is the new currency- data becomes power for the users

Now a user can actually pull all his data generated across several app easily because they are all LINKED;



Kingsley Izundu