GMAIL Should Consider Adding a ‘WATCH THIS EMAIL’ Feature

I had to sympathise with two of my colleagues who missed out on a job interview before I got thinking on the Gmail Watch This Email (WTE) feature.

I Thought perhaps writing this will somehow get google’s gmail team attention and further prevent such further miss of opportunities.

So it happened that two of my colleagues had gone for the first interview and were told that they would receive another mail- the final mail, for a final interview, to determine their employment into the company.

They checked their mail the following day, no response from the company, running into a week, still no response.

They thought maybe the opportunity has been closed and they were not considered for the final lap of the interview.

The third week, the company did send an invite to them. However, they had lost attention to it, they even forgot the expecting email address and other mails did come in, placing the expecting email beneath.

They scrolled and saw as much messages as possible, and thought them all as some job notifications.

Some days later, they got a mail, checking the mail, ‘they saw a thank you, however you did not make it for the training.’

They checked further down and found that the company did invite them for an interview.

That was it, they had missed out and were asked to try again next time.

So painful, especially this was their dream job. Something they had longed for together as friends.

Could GMAIL ‘WATCH THIS EMAIL (WTE)’ feature have saved them?

I will write below as though the feature were in existence so we see if it could have saved them the miss.

They have been told that they should expect a mail for a final interview in the future, here is what they would do:

  1. They would click on the Gmail WTE button
  2. Fill in the email they want to watch for and enter a description i.e expecting mail for final interview at abc company
  3. Include a remind me with [ select a song ]
  4. Check the option wether to continue with music until read
  5. Check the option for place on top other incoming mail

If the company mail for final interview arrived three weeks after the first interview, based on the settings, the music started playing and they saw the notification from Gmail WTE topping other email notifications — as priority.

They checked and read the mail and found out they have been invited for an interview.

Gmail WTE feature could have prevented them from the job interview miss, I thought.

If you think Gmail WTE feature is needed in Gmail please clap until Gmail sees this.

Let us prevent further job interview misses.




Android Dev. | Researcher | Data Viz

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Kingsley Izundu

Kingsley Izundu

Android Dev. | Researcher | Data Viz

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