There is need to fully embrace social media platform as a pinnacle towards brand and business promotions. Today, all social platforms have one feature or the other that is geared towards promoting a subscribed business. This is usually done by the social media promotion system. It promises wider coverage across the platform depending on the subscription rate.

In this paper, we emphasize on some sales influencing tips which lead to the adopted algorithm mentioned here as more engaging and flexible.


This is simply making a brand known across specific or cross-platform social media about what service or product offering by the brand.

BRAND PROMOTION is done in various ways, which are but not limited to

1. By Brand Owner

2. By Specific Social Platform

3. By Cross-Platform Technique

4. By Brand Chain Technique

In this paper, we look into the Brand Chain Technique after we have discussed the effect of two sales influence technique that lead to our adoption of the Brand Chain Technique as a more engaging and flexible Brand Promotion Means.

Here is a summary of the above:

The Brand Owner technique involves the owner self-promoting her brand, product offering etc. you would agree that this is more of the owner making a self-proclamation that her brand is credible. In effect, this has very low engaging target. If you talk more about yourself, it is like making noise.

The Specific Social Platform deals with a brand having signed up in a particular social medium and subscribed for the platform to help promote her brand. Depending on the subscription type, the promotion covers some range within the platform. The thing about this promotion is that the message you wish to spread across is pre-set. The platform just helps spread this detail to the foaf cycle. While this might be quite engaging, it lacks some testament and social proof or liking. The sender of this message is not known, but claims to bring message from the friend of the foaf cycle.

The Cross-Platform Technique also shares the same with the Specific Social Platform; it then extends across other social media which is linked from a specific social platform. Hence spreading the message across other social platform signed up by the brand.

We review the Brand Chain Technique more elaborately in other to realise how effective it can be when adopted by brands or businesses.

There are two techniques to sales influence which until now have always travailed the social media market. They are social proof and liking.

Because liking can lead to social proof and social proof means something is liked by the majority. Therefore we can refer to both as the same technique.

What brings about liking?

Brand A is into photography and ask about two of his direct friends to promote or say something concerning his brand — for example it might be to say “I love @eraphotography”, mentioning the social handle of the person while passing across the message. Now these friends might do this across all the social media platform they have and the friends of Brand A’s direct friends sees that their friend loves @eraphotography. It is a simple psychological stereotype that these friends of Brand A’s direct friends would in turn like @eraphotography, the result is either Brand A earns more followers, gets more view on his page or even contacted about his services. Social proof is the next thing that follows if more and more of these friends begin recommending Brand A. Brand A becomes a house hold name for these friends and others that view the page.

This is quite effective if done over time repeatedly by one another within the Brand Chain.

When this occurs, we refer to it as Brand Chain Promotion. Though this promotion follows certain constraint devised well in other that it becomes a habitual and looked forward approach where one brand looks forward to promote another brand while her brand is in turn being promoted.

Consider also the case where a brand having more social influence across social media being promoted by other brands with lesser influence; it brings about more consolidation and generic approval that this brand is widely known and accepted.

For brands with lesser influence, it will earn them more followers and liking.

The benefit of the Brand Chain System is more than we can list and examine, however, setting up a business club with various brands to adopt the Brand Chain Algorithm makes it easier to embrace and see the result.

The Brand Chain Algorithm has some constraint guiding its construction, they are:


1. A brand does not have to promote herself within the Chain Promotion Period.

2. The Link of brands to be promoted by a particular Brand is spread across three days each week for a month (known as the Brand Chain Period)

3. Brands promote linked brands across social media of their choice

4. Brands construct their message about their promotion

5. As much as possible, Brands carry out this promotions within the set Chain Promotion Period

6. New Brands that wish to join this chain waits until after the set Chain Promotion Period completes.


Brand Chain Algorithm


Brand Chain Algorithm using Python Programming Language


Brand Promotion directional flow




Android Dev. | Researcher | Data Viz

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Kingsley Izundu

Kingsley Izundu

Android Dev. | Researcher | Data Viz

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