Sometimes when we send out surveys to the public we often lose sight of who the right target should be. In other words, we need to target the right target or persons who could provide us with an adequate response that will gear a better, more efficient decision making.

To ensure this; we have to track what stories users create every day from their interaction with their environment and use these story to know which user to send some certain questionnaire or survey and get better responses…

For example, users who often go to the car wash are creating stories…

So We got a few new recruits into our company to intern, they will be spending some months before we decide maybe to employ them or not.

I was assigned the role to manage their onboarding process until they had joined the system’s oneness.

I interviewed them and opened the companies intern email for them as well as integrated them into the companies collaboration platform such as teams, GitHub, Confluence and Jira.

In other for them to begin contributing to the codebase of the company, I had to create a branch for them to clone from, they will create their…

watch my mailbox please

I had to sympathise with two of my colleagues who missed out on a job interview before I got thinking on the Gmail Watch This Email (WTE) feature.

I Thought perhaps writing this will somehow get google’s gmail team attention and further prevent such further miss of opportunities.

So it happened that two of my colleagues had gone for the first interview and were told that they would receive another mail- the final mail, for a final interview, to determine their employment into the company.

They checked their mail the following day, no response from the company, running into a…

A strategy to exciting new customers and increasing sales

How often do you say thank you to your new customers for the first time, or how do you appreciate existing customers. People like us will gladly do business with marketers who care about us and appreciates us. Its beyond whether we need the product or not. Today so many people also sell the same thing as you and the world gone global you can find the same seller in no time, so why should I buy from you. But a simple thank you, or appreciation goes a long way.

a simple thank you goes a long way


HOC isn’t part of the ReactJS library, it is a style of writing your ReactJS so that you don’t re-peat the process of creating similar component logic.
So I am about to learn to use ReactRedux Library and I have learnt it makes heavy use of the HOC pattern, just got a single example of what the HOC is about and I written four scenario code for myself to know if am on the right track or understand quite a bit of the concept.
I need to know which one you would rather vote for among these scenarios


SOLID- Social Linked Data, is a project that is led by Tim Bernee Lee who invented the World Wide Web.The project aims to radically change the way Web applications work today, resulting in true data ownership as well as improved privacy. People say its the new internet.

Welcome Solid

If you did not read my publication about Tim Bernee Lee’s commission for us all to get into the linked world- do so from here.

SOLID as conceptualized by Tim Bernee Lee and his team, is the new principle that should be adopted by app builders so that their app which is structured…

Everyone knows that to a great extent, workplace influences the work-ethics, productivity and prospects of a company- either a start up or a matured company.

A workplace should not be thought of as your office location on google map; LOL, that use to be what I consider it as. The workplace consist of the founder of the business and those who work with him. In between these are business processes and rules that can impact or defect the entire business model which at the core should generate the companies revenue.

After inventing the world wide web, Tim B.L still was not satisfied about how we cant get a hold of what is in the web. Yes, he made it possible for you to put in your contents and today we have over a billion pointers or url to so many information on the web.

What is really a web? I guess he most have truly asked this question and come to the conclusion that we truly have not invented this web but just a floating diversity of materials all over the space, littering everywhere without connectivity

A web should be…

The three main parameters towards timetable scheduling are the Day, Time and Room. The course, lecture-in-charge, number-of-times –per-lecture, course-type (practical or theoretical), population of student, are regarded as lurking variables which should be considered during the scheduling process. However, in this paper, we set to demonstrate the derivation of unique number of resources which will fit into the scheduling process even if the lurking variables are considered or not.


Resource means {Room,Day,Time}

Let R be the Room

Let D be the Day

Let T be the Time

By various arrangement possibilities, we can derive:

Same R, Same D…

Simple framework analogy of CMA

There are Alphabets derived from their parent’s Alpha position. These alphabets are in their own distinct tuple; with their numerical representation sum giving the parents alphabet representation.

i.e alphabet at position 6 which is F, has its children alpha’s or its CMA’s as [(0,F),(E,A),(D,B),(C,C)] where 0 denotes that the letter F is the original alphabet in which other tuple were derived. When each of these tuple CMA’s are added, their numerical sum points to the alphabet F on the Alphabetical table.


Kingsley Izundu

Android Dev. | Researcher | Data Viz

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